How are prostate conditions diagnosed and treated at the Centre?

A detailed urological assessment and laboratory tests are carried out for the early detection of prostatic disorders, including PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) testing. The consultation with an experienced urologist specialising in this area includes a physical examination and assessment of the prostate. Advice is then given as to the cause of symptoms being experienced, recommended further investigations (such as a urine flow test or prostate ultrasound), if any, and treatment options where necessary.

At the Centre for Men's Health, the emphasis is placed on the prevention of prostate problems through diet and lifestyle. We are able to offer a full range of treatments, up to and including surgery for prostate cancer, either within the clinic itself or by referral to a local expert urological surgeon as required. Prostate specific treatment may be offered alongside testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), where appropriate. Where the prostate is healthy, TRT can not only help treat testosterone deficiency but can also be beneficial for the prostrate. The latest research shows that TRT does not cause either benign or malignant enlargement of the prostate, but improves lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

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