We’ve moved to 25 Harley Street

25 Harley StreetThe Centre for Men’s Health has moved to 25 Harley Street. 25 Harley Street, part of the Phoenix Hospital Group, is an outpatient, treatment and diagnostic centre offering superb modern consulting rooms, nursing support and outpatient facilities and services. It has its own pathology laboratory, allowing quick turnaround of blood test results, as well as in-house phlebotomy, meaning taking blood samples is more convenient for Centre for Men's Health patients. It also offers a wide variety of complementary services for female partners of the Centre's patients, including integrated menopause care and hormone management. Phoenix also operates a diagnostic and imaging centre at 9 Harley Street, with services including the latest x-ray technology combined with tomosynthesis and advanced Dexa scanning to measure bone density and look for early signs of osteoporosis.

The Centre for Men's Health, founded by renowned expert Professor Malcolm Carruthers, is Harley Street's leading clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of testosterone deficiency syndrome and associated problems including erectile dysfunction and prostate health concerns. With a team of doctors specializing in andrology, urology and men's sexual and general health, it has over 25 years' experience in the field. Over this period, it has helped thousands of men regain their health and vitality and return to a fulfilling sex life.