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Centre for Men’s Health study in the press

Written by: Centre for Men's Health

In July 2015, the Journal of the Aging Male published a study carried out primarily by doctors from the Centre for Men’s Health, involving more than 2000 patients from the Centre over 26 years. The study was carried out by Professor Malcolm Carruthers, Dr Mark Feneley and Paul Cathcart of University College Hospital.

The research gained significant attention within the press and media. Here is a summary of some of the coverage about the study so far:

4th August 2015
Daily Mail
It’s not Viagra he needs…it’s testosterone
by Chloe Lambert

30th July 2015
The Telegraph
Is the ‘manopause’ more widespread than we thought?
by Jonathan Wells

Daily Mail
Could testosterone HRT help treat the male menopause: Therapy should be provided as men also suffer hot flushes and low libido once they pass 50
by Tom Payne

The Independent
Male menopause is real, claims controversial new study
by Ian Johnston

Huffington Post
The Male Menopause: Study Shows it Could Be A Widespread Issue Plaguing Men Over 50
by Natasha Hinde

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