Patient Stories

David Andrews - Case Study in Testicular Shrinkage

David Andrews, a 58 year old father of three, endured for years the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency, which he believes stemmed from surgery he underwent as a 19 year old.

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Dan Hegarty - Case Study in Fatigue and Muscle Pain

Dr Dan Hegarty, 55, an occupational health physician from Chislehurst, Kent, was just 41 when he began suffering from the male menopause.

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Ian McDonald - Case Study in Depression and Irritability

Former fishing boat skipper Ian McDonald believes that Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) could well have saved his life.

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Reg Eagle - Case Study in Mental Fog and Low Libido

Reg was in his mid-forties when he started feeling irritable. Five years later he felt like a zombie - tests showed he had the testosterone level of a 70 year old man.

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