What are the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

The characteristic symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome are decreased sex drive, erection problems, loss of energy, depression, weight gain, brain fogs, memory loss, irritability and night sweats.

How many men live with the condition in the UK?

A recent International web survey of 10,000 men indicated that 20% of the 10 million men across the UK over the age of 50 are likely to be suffering from Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.

How much will my appointment cost?

New patient - Full Assessment (One hour) - London - £500, Manchester - £300

An in depth review of your health and any men’s health treatments needs, with special emphasis on your hormonal health status, in particular in relation to testosterone. The full hour appointment allows plenty of time for you to discuss and get advice on testosterone deficiency, ED/impotence or prostate health issues. The session includes advice on any further tests needed and, where treatment is required, agreement of a treatment plan. Where your plan includes a trial of testosterone treatment, this can begin the same day. For ED, in many cases it will be possible to provide initial treatment on the basis of this first appointment. A blood test (£215 - see below) is required before the appointment, the results of which form a key part of the screening. For London appointments, this test can take place the same day. 

New patient – General appointment (30 minutes) - London - £295, Manchester - £195

Expert advice on men’s health issues relating to testosterone deficiency, ED/impotence and prostate health. The session includes advice on any further tests needed and, where treatment is required, agreement of a treatment plan. For ED, in many cases it will be possible to provide initial treatment on the basis of this first appointment. Should testosterone deficiency be suspected, a blood test and further consultation will be required before a treatment trial can be commenced, if indicated. 

Blood Test, Laboratory Profile and Androscreen© - £215

Ahead of a New Patient - Full Assessment consultation, patients complete an Androscreen© questionnaire detailing their medical history and provide a fasting blood sample for a full laboratory profile. This includes detailed hormone analyses, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, biochemistry, and haematology. Please note that these must be paid for before booking your appointment with a Centre for Men's Health specialist.

Follow up appointment - London - £325, Manchester - £175

A review and discussion of your symptoms and treatment plan. Can also include treatment in the form of a repeat testosterone injection where this is part of your treatment plan. These consultations, together with a blood test & laboratory profile are required every 2-6 months to monitor and optimise the results of your treatment and are part of a general, on-going men's health maintenance programme.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment for treatment you must notify the Centre by telephoning 0207 486 2277 at least 48 hours (2 working days) before your appointment. Please note: If you miss your appointment and have failed to notify us 2 working days before your appointment you will be charged an administration fee of £70. This will be taken from the debit/credit card details you supplied upon booking your appointment or will be added to the fees for your next appointment. There may be occasions when appointments are cancelled by the Centre for Men's Health. In this event no fee will be charged and we will always provide as much notice as possible of cancellation.

Do I need to be screened at the Centre for Men's Health before I can start treatment?

Yes. Previous blood tests you may have had taken elsewhere will not identify the detailed hormonal, biochemical, haematological and urinary profiles that we require for a correct diagnosis. The specialist laboratory we use is unique in being able to integrate its results into our purpose-built software system.

Locations of Centre For Men's Health Blood Testing Clinics across the UK

There are currently 11 clinics around the UK situated in Glasgow, Newcastle, Doncaster, Manchester, London, Stoke On Trent, Derby, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and Ashford where fasting blood samples can be taken for a full laboratory profile. Contact details will be provided by our practice management team after the payment for the blood test/laboratory profile has been received. Alternatively, if you find it more convenient, we can send you a remote blood sampling kit and you can get any local GP, hospital, or private medical facility to take the sample for you, but at your own expense.

How long is the course of treatment?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a long-term treatment. Following a minimum 3 month trial period, 6 monthly check ups are required to monitor it's effectiveness.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No. A referral from your doctor is preferable but not essential. The Centre for Men's Health provide an entirely confidential screening and treatment service. We are always happy to write to your doctor at any stage in your treatment if you wish us to do so.

Do I have to come to London or Manchester for treatment and follow-up?

Yes. The services of the Centre for Men's Health can only be provided by visiting our Harley Street or Manchester centres. A 'same-day' results service is offered in London only, if laboratory tests can be carried out before 11am. For appointments in Manchester blood samples have to be taken at least a week before the consultation with the Specialist.

Will my results be confidential?

Yes. At each visit you will be given full details of the screening and laboratory tests for your own records. All clinical data kept by the Centre for Men's Health is entirely confidential as required by the Health Care Commission.

Can I get re-imbursement from my private medical insurance?

Testosterone treatment of this condition is not recognised by Private Health Insurance providers, and so cannot be re-imbursed via these schemes.