Coronavirus (Covid-19) Advice for Centre for Men’s Health Patients

Written by: Centre for Men's Health

Last revised: Thursday 9 April 2020

The wellbeing, protection and safety of patients and staff are always at the heart of what we do at the Centre for Men’s Health and in that context we will continue to offer the best medical service possible during the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency, based on the latest UK Government guidance.

At the Centre for Men’s Health we see it as our duty to carry on providing healthcare services to our patients. We would therefore advise patients to carry on with their existing care plan in order to avoid interruption to their treatment. 

Doctors from both our London (25 Harley Street) and Manchester (10 St John Street) clinics are now seeing patients on a remote basis, either by phone or video, and special arrangements are in place for blood testing using fingerprick samples taken at home by the patient.

Please give our staff a call (020 7486 2277) if you have any questions about current arrangements for blood testing or appointments.

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