Coronavirus (Covid-19) Advice for Centre for Men’s Health Patients

Written by: Centre for Men's Health

Last revised: Thursday 12 November 2020

The wellbeing, protection and safety of patients and staff are always at the heart of what we do at the Centre for Men’s Health and in that context we will continue to offer the best medical service possible during the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, based on the latest UK Government guidance.

Both our London (25 Harley Street) and Manchester (10 St John Street) clinics are currently open and doctors are seeing patients with full protective measures (see below). Phlebotomy services are also available in London for full venous blood samples to be taken. Outside London, Express Medicals locations are open for patients to have a full blood sample taken.

New National Restrictions covering England began on Thursday 5 November. For more information, click here. These require people to stay at home apart from specific purposes. They include: “any medical concerns, reasons, appointments and emergencies”. We are therefore advising Centre for Men’s Health patients to continue with their treatment plans, including blood testing and appointments. Under these latest rules, new patients may also book appointments at our clinics.

Regulations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may differ.

Please give our staff a call (020 7486 2277) if you have any questions about current arrangements for blood testing or appointments.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including good diet and exercise is recognized as being even more important than normal during the Coronavirus pandemic, alongside following government guidance on avoiding infection. There is some evidence that testosterone may also play a part in maintaining men’s defences against the virus. If you have seen recent articles about testosterone and Covid-19 and want to know more, the Centre for Men’s Health has published an update to keep you informed.

Safety measures for patients attending our London clinic (25 Harley Street)

Pre-screening of all Patients

Patients will be contacted at least 24 hours prior to their appointment to pre-screen for symptoms.   

Arrangements in the Building

Patient numbers are being strictly managed to reduce queuing time in the reception area to maintain social distancing. 

To maintain safety, the maximum number of patients in any given area at any one time is being limited and we are ensuring appointments are spaced out. This means it is very important that patients should arrive promptly.

Patients are asked to be unaccompanied unless the person attending with them is a designated carer, in which case this must be confirmed in advance. Any carer must be pre-screened in the same way as the patient.

On arrival, everyone will be met by the team at 25 Harley Street and will have their temperature taken, be asked to wash/gel their hands and will be asked to wear a mask. Patients and carers will be asked to confirm they continue to meet the screening criteria on arrival. Those that do not will need to have their appointment rescheduled.

If the patient has a temperature over 37.6C, the patient will not be permitted into the building. 

Seating in waiting areas has been reviewed to ensure that we are able to maintain appropriate social distancing between patients, with the minimum amount of seating required being available.

Perspex screens and signage are in place throughout building to educate, maintain distances and ensure safety wherever possible. 

Rooms are thoroughly cleaned between patients.

During the appointment

All consultants will wear full personal protective equipment appropriate for the appointment being carried out, including mask, gloves and apron. The patients will also be required to wear masks during the appointment, while gloves will be available for those who would like them as well.  

COVID-19 surveillance testing on both staff and consultants is being rolled out in a staged approach.

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