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Put the va-va-voom back into Valentines!

Written by: Centre for Men's Health

Dr Malcolm Carruthers writes: According to one leading satirist, ‘Love is the answer, but sex raises some interesting questions’.

One such question is how does testosterone treatment help men and their partners to have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day?

Well, firstly there is remembering the date, and getting the card, flowers and any presents which go with it, because low testosterone impairs the memory, and forgetting the day is a cardinal crime in most women’s books. Also the other characteristic symptoms of testosterone deficiency are impaired libido and erections, irritability, disturbed sleep with night sweats and joint pains. Who fancies sex with an irritable, impotent, creaky, depressed, sweaty bear with a sore head anyway?

Erection problems which even fail to respond to Viagra or other agents, are caused not only by lack of libido, but as recent research has found, structural damage to the penis. Fortunately testosterone treatment can often help repair this damage and restore normal function, but it may take 6 months or more to do so.

Lastly, testosterone deficiency is often accompanied by anxiety. The penis can be compared to a stand-up comic, who after his act has flopped a few times, hardly likes to go on again for fear of another embarrassing failure.

As well as boosting erections, testosterone treatment gives the confidence to end the cycle of ‘can’t do it – won’t do it’.



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