Testosterone Resistance: Fighting for the Men’s Health Hormone

Written by: Professor Malcolm Carruthers

Professor Malcolm Carruthers sets out to solve two mysteries in this book.

Firstly, why the characteristic symptoms of testosterone deficiency, loss of vitality and virility don’t always correspond with low testosterone levels in the blood, and why doctors can be reluctant to give men testosterone treatment.

The book looks at the mechanisms within the body and other factors that might lead to testosterone deficiency related symptoms in the absence of an absolute low level of total testosterone in the blood. In particular, it sets out a new theory ‘Testosterone Resistance’ to explain how the relative deficiency of this hormone, like that of insulin in adult onset diabetes, arises, resulting in a deficiency of active testosterone causing symptoms and other health impacts.

Secondly, it examines international patterns of testosterone prescribing that indicate that access to treatment for the condition is very heavily influenced by prevailing medical politics rather than purely being a matter of medical evidence alone. It also explores in detail the research around prostate and heart safety, making a strong case that concerns about the safety of testosterone replacement therapy in relation to prostate and heart health have been overemphasised.

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