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2nd August 2016

Daily Mail

Should you be using testosterone gel? Experts reveal how to avoid the ‘male menopause’
by Jonathan Gornall

4th August 2015

Daily Mail

It’s not Viagra he needs…it’s testosterone
by Chloe Lambert

30th July 2015

The Telegraph

Is the ‘manopause’ more widespread than we thought?
by Jonathan Wells

Daily Mail

Could testosterone HRT help treat the male menopause: Therapy should be provided as men also suffer hot flushes and low libido once they pass 50 
by Tom Payne

The Independent

Male menopause is real, claims controversial new study
by Ian Johnston

Huffington Post

The Male Menopause: Study Shows it Could Be A Widespread Issue Plaguing Men Over 50
by Natasha Hinde

October 2013

Study finds testosterone therapy may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
Medical Express/Boston University Medical Center

Answer to despair was testosterone treatment
Edinburgh Evening Times

September 2013

Unmanned by the curse of Low Testosterone
Peta Bee’s Times Article : “Unmanned by the curse of Low Testosterone”

June 2013

The Trouble With Men
Brisbane Times

Men’s Use Of Testosterone On The Rise
New York Times

May 2013

The hidden reason why those little blue pills don’t work for more than half the men that take them
Centre for Men’s Health Newsletter

February 2013

Testosterone: Can It make you live longer?

Lack of energy and flagging sex drive? Testosterone Therapy may be the answer: Find out if you need the ‘superman jab’
Mail On Sunday

January 2013

Manopause is real and we’ve all tackled it
The Sun

October 2012

Men With Stressful Jobs Likely To Be A Flop In Bed
Daily Telegraph

Is Lack Of Awareness Of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome Putting Lives At Risk
Andropause Society

August 2012

Man Up! Testosterone Is The New Male Wonder drug
The London Evening Standard

July 2012

Testosterone Therapy Safe for the Prostate
Renal and Urology News

Testosterone Therapy Doesn’t Increase Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Mother Nature Network

June 2012

The jab that could turn a chubby chap into an Adonis
Daily Mail

Is Testosterone Treatment Good for the Prostate? Study of Safety during Long-Term Treatment
Journal of Sexual Medicine

March 2012

The Scotsman
So then, how’s your sex life these days, thousands of men asked

October 2011

GPs urged to test for hypogonadism in diabetic men

The Daily Mail
Disappearing muscles, lack of energy, mood swings, snoring… Is your man suffering low testosterone?

The Daily Express
Doctors Fail to Recognise Risk to Men

Daily Mail
Male menopause affects 2million Brits but ‘can be safely cured with testosterone treatment’

The Times of India
Testosterone therapy overcomes male menopause

International Business Times Australia
Male Menopause: UK Research Recommends Testosterone Treatment
Study confirms high testosterone/lower CV event link in older men

The Independent
British research backs ‘male menopause’ cure

The Scotsman
Half of men ‘unhappy with sex life’

July 2011

Press Release
New Centre for Men’s Health Opens to Address Scotland’s Vast Unmet Need for Testosterone Treatment in Over 50’s Men

June 2011

Centre for Men’s Health Newsletter
ITV’s Dr Chris Steele speaks with Dr Malcolm Carruthers

Irish Medical Times
A fresh look at testosterone therapy

BBC Radio Scotland
Interview with John Beattie: What is Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

The Scotsman
Fresh hope for thousands of Scots men with a low sex drive

The Scotsman
Case study: ‘I generally feel so much more positive about life’

The Sun
‘Testosterone gel has changed my life’

May 2011
Testosterone treatment gave 49yr old Rick Dale a new lease of life

April 2011

BBC Radio 4:
Woman’s Hour: Dr Malcolm Carruthers, medical director at the Centre for Men’s Health & Dr Mike Kirby talk to Jenni Murray about Andropause/Manopause
Testosterone replacement could help diabetic men

Low testosterone increases risk of death in men with type 2 diabetes

The Daily Mirror:
Diabetic men with low testosterone are more likely to die

March 2011
Testosterone Gel Shows Effects on Diabetes.

The Daily Express:
Why millions of men are turned off sex

The Independent:
‘The male menopause is no myth’, opera singer Ian Storey tells

September 2010

The Telegraph:
Viagra ‘fails to work for half of men’

BBC Health News:
Viagra won’t work for you, low testosterone men warned

August 2010

The Independent:
‘Male menopause – isn’t that a myth?’

The Hour (STV):
Time to take male menopause seriously

July 2010

Yours Magazine:
Keep your man healthy – Erectile dysfunction and underlying health problems

June 2010

The Daily Mail:
Men suffering from ‘women’s troubles’ – menopause and more.

April 2010
What is testosterone deficiency syndrome?

The Daily Mail:
Doctors say men with fatigue and flagging libido are going through the male menopause
Testosterone patch to beat diabetes

The Daily Mail:
Testosterone patch beats diabetes (and boosts libido!)

November 2009

Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies:
Andropause & Treatment

Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies:
HRT for women & men